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Vimond manages multi-screen workflow

17 August 2012
Vimond manages multi-screen workflow

The Vimond Control Center (VCC) is a new video management tool that aims to simplify and accelerate the publishing workflow. It is designed for broadcasters and distributors who want to monetise their content direct to end users, and to help broaden the catch-up offering.
 One of the most powerful features is the “self-service” component. This allows a distributor to publish on behalf of many content owners. Each has its own account in the distributor’s VCC, so they create their own channels and upload the content, to be published over the distributor’s Vimond platform. The idea is that content owners can reach consumers without a heavy investment in a distribution platform, and distributors can greatly extend the scale of the offering without significant additional resources.
 VCC publishes to all screens without the need for additional technology or functionality, and its tagging simplifies the process of managing hundreds of hours of content. Production tasks are broken down into manageable workflows, customised according to the requirements of the user.
 VCC integrates with the major encoder and transcoder manufacturers, automating the ingest of live and on-demand content. Systems from Digital Rapids and Harmonic can be controlled directly from the VCC, eliminating the need to start and stop encoders manually.
 “We designed VCC to address critical issues facing today’s content owners,” said Helge Høibraten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions. “VCC focuses on multi-screen services, OTT production workflows, speed and integration. It makes it easier to create more avenues for revenue for both providers and contributors, so everybody wins.”


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