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Vimond Highlights in action at Euro 2016

13 June 2016
Vimond Highlights in action at Euro 2016

Vimond Highlight solutions have been implemented by multiple broadcasters for use at the European Championships, which kicked off on Friday.

TV4, TV2 and SVT have chosen Vimond to deliver the ‘most intensive’ online coverage of the action, accelerating the speed in which key moments are replayed.

Vimond claim that its solution has ‘revolutionised’ video highlight extraction and distribution from live streams.

“The ever-growing online audience is increasingly sophisticated and demanding, and these broadcasters are raising the stakes to give viewers a premium experience that compares very well with the television service,” said Miguel Silva, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Vimond.

“Particularly in a major sports tournament, speed of delivery is critical, and Vimond Highlights optimises a broadcaster’s performance so that the online content is available for viewers right in the heat of the moment.”

After switching to Vimond Highlights, the company said that TV2 has been able to deliver more than three times the online content, while using only a ‘small fraction’ of the editorial staff resources required before.

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