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ViewSat expands with PlayBox

9 November 2012
ViewSat expands with PlayBox

PlayBox has supplied two playout channels to ViewSat, bringing the total number of channels using the technology to 25. ViewSat is based in the UK, and specialises in delivering television and radio to sub-Saharan Africa as well as the Middle East. For the latest extension PlayBox has supplied AirBox playout servers and TitleBox interactive on-air graphics generators. This matches the configuration of most of the channels already in operation at the facility. The strength of the relationship between the two companies is reflected in the fact that PlayBox has been adding channels at a rate of one or two every six to eight weeks. “We have been using PlayBox because of its reasonable price and the good delivery times,” said Awaes Jaswal, the CEO of ViewSat. “The channel-in-a-box facility is important as it wraps everything we need – automated playout with interactive CG and graphics – into one. “The user interface is important,” he added. “It is straightforward and a lot of our customers are used to it, especially those in the Middle East, which makes training much easier. Our customers use a variety of content mixes, including SMS call bars as well as advertising and the normal programme playout. So there is quite a bit of variety, and there is also a variety of people that work on the box.” ViewSat, founded in 2006, currently delivers around 85 channels from its teleport near Guildford, south-west of London.

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