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VidiGo goes live with 3D

26 August 2010
VidiGo goes live with 3D

VidiGo will officially launch VidiGo Live 3D during IBC2010, at roughly the same time as the first user of the system, SBS Broadcasting, starts broadcasting a pilot 3D Channel in the Netherlands.
Vidigo Live is a software based solution that provides a touchscreen and hardware control panel alternative to the traditional gallery for multi-camera live productions. With access to tools such as realtime effects and keying and the use of interactive web-enabled graphics, Vidigo Live provides an efficient workflow for a single non-technical operator to manage the complexity of a multi-source live production with what the company refers to as ease.

Based on side-by-side techniques, VidiGo has developed a full 3D production suite including graphics and audio resulting in VidiGo Live 3D. VidiGo Live 3D can directly interface with common stereoscopic camera systems or use two separate feeds from two cameras on a rig. By adding depth information to graphics and movies users can mix between live 3D images from cameras and traditional 2D assets, creating a real 3D experience, with no limitations in the use of DVE or keying effects and the use of graphics.

“SBS starts our own 3D pilot channel in September 2010. This 3D channel will be the first 3D channel in the Netherlands. It is important for us as broadcasters to start experimenting with 3D since the industry is moving in that direction. SBS strongly believes in the power of 3D, but there is still a lot to be learned. VidiGo Live 3D gives us the possibility to start with 3D in a responsible matter”, says Josbert van Rooijen, CTO, SBS Broadcasting Netherlands.

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