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VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: Keynote panel discussion

20 July 2016
VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: Keynote panel discussion

John Ive moderates the first panel discussion of the day: Who are the content stakeholders in an all IP world?

The session explored the following questions and trends:

– How is the traditional content ecosystem changing to reflect the shift in consumer content consumption?
– Niche content as a service differentiator – is this the future for smaller players in a content driven ecosystem?
– Is creating original content the future for staying ahead of the competition?
– How sustainable is the newly prevalent direct to market
trend for content distribution?
– Debating the future of content aggregation services

Ive was joined by:

-Tom Toumazis, MBE,Tagsmart, TVbeat, TheLADbible Group
– Simon Cook, YouView
– Justin Dewhirst, Bloomberg Media EMEA
– Keith Underwood, Channel 4

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