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VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: ROI in new media technology

1 September 2016
VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: ROI in new media technology

Russell Grute wrapped up the final panel of the day at the second annual TVBEurope 2020 conference: Does new media technology deliver an acceptable ROI to broadcasters?

The global media industry is in transformation with more technology options than ever before, and the session focused on the potential return on investment from crucial new technologies such as web services, cloud, UHD, IP and MAM. The panellists discussed how ROI in their organisation is affected by legacy technology and operations; the potential upsides in scalability, cost reduction and new revenue; and how they predict, monitor and deliver ROI from their investment.

Grute was joined by; Steve Plunkett, CTO of broadcast and media services, Ericsson; Tom Griffiths, director of broadcast and distribution technology, ITV; Tony Taylor, founder and CEO, TMD; Sinead Greenaway, director of operations and technology, UKTV; and Ben Davenport, director of marketing, Dalet.

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