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VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: IP-based live production

23 August 2016
VIDEO: TVBEurope 2020: IP-based live production

At the second annual TVBEurope 2020 conference, NEP Worldwide provides a detailed insight into its successful launch of the first fully IP-based multi-camera broadcast for Carlo’s TV Café, broadcast on RTL4 in November 2015.

This session, delivered by Peter Bruggink, CTO, NEP Netherlands, offers an exclusive overview of an industry first in live IP production, followed by a Q&A.

Bruggink explained that, despite the difference in the size of the Dutch content market in comparison to the US and UK markets, Dutch customers still expect the same quality level, and NEP “wanted to build an infrastructure where we could centralise a lot of the resources and use those either locally or at a sport or event location.”

The concept was started in January 2015, with the main challenge being to be “as flexible as possible, to remain very cost effective, but also be pragmatic.”

Bruggink went on to explain that NEP’s Cloud Production offers a more sustainable environment in which large trucks and crew vans are no longer needed, where there is “complete control” over the production processes.

The infrastructure is monitored by NEP’s software monitoring tool GrandCentral, and, using this, NEP Netherlands can process HD 1080i, 1080p and UHD, as well as future formats such as HFR and HDR.

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