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Video to dominate 4G by 2020

31 August 2016
Video to dominate 4G by 2020
Mobile video usage will account for three quarter of total 4G traffic by 2020, according to the latest Ovum statistics.
The analyst firm, in collaboration with Huawei, forecast a five-fold increase on the 15 per cent of traffic accounted for by mobile video in 2016.
Growth is expected to be driven by the surge of 4K usage and social media video, as well as the almost inevitable spark of virtual and augmented reality.
The research stated that, specifically, videoconferencing technologies for employee training, meetings and collaboration, customer service and tele-medicine will drive significant amount of mobile video traffic.

“Video conferencing is quickly shaping the strategic infrastructure business of telcos,” the research stated. “Major players are exploring new ways to implement successful strategies for enterprise video, striving to be the leaders in the field amidst the video business transformation opportunities that are available.”

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