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Video-Line on the scene with LiveU

26 March 2012
Video-Line on the scene with LiveU

LiveU has announced that German news agency Video-Line is deploying its LU60 cellular uplinking technology across its extensive newsgathering operation. Video-Line is a news and lifestyle content provider based in the Nordrhein-Westphalen region of Germany. It supplies footage to all the major German TV stations as well as newspapers and other online video platforms. After extensive research, Video-Line selected LiveU, highlighting three key reasons for its decision: the ability to get on-air quickly alongside extremely good transmission quality with almost no interruption, even under difficult conditions; the easy-to-use mobile backpack unit with the associated server requiring no manual intervention; and LiveU’s strong customer support and long-term development of the technology. Markus Wüllner, Video-Line TV, said, “The advantage of mobile transmission via LiveU is clearly the flexibility and speed. As a news provider, we have to be at the scene of an accident, murder, or major fire – tragic as they often are – as quickly as possible, without disturbing the emergency teams. For example, we were the first news agency to arrive at a terrible multi-car accident in thick fog at the end of last year. In less than two hours we were on air with the first pictures. Major TV stations and print media used the material in their coverage of the accident." Wüllner continued, "We could only achieve this using LiveU’s technology. While a satellite truck has to be ordered in advance – a process that can take hours – we’re now able to transmit video to all the TV stations immediately. The unit can be easily set up on the way and be deployed the moment the camera team arrives. It’s a professional and reliable part of our newsgathering system.” LiveU’s flagship LU60 product is a bonded 3G/4G LTE backpack with proprietary RF technology for resiliency, up to 1080 HD video and sub-second latency for a satellite-like experience. Zion Eilam, LiveU’s Key Accounts Manager in Germany, said, “Our LU60 technology is ideal for news agencies for whom speed of deployment – alongside transmission quality – are vital in what is a highly competitive environment. The sophistication of our bonded modem technology combined with its cost-effectiveness has moved the acquisition of live content into a new era.” LiveU’s German distributor Netorium GmbH has provided the service and equipment.

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