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Victory Day for wireless HD in Russia

6 July 2010
Victory Day for wireless HD in Russia

VGTRK, Russia’s largest state broadcaster, has bought two wireless HD/SD remote camera systems from Nucomm, using them in such high profile jobs as covering the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade.

"The systems are equipped with Nucomm’s own camera control telemetry system to provide full control of the latest family of Sony cameras using the original Sony Remote Control Panel (RCP)," explained Simon Clifford, director of international sales at Integrated Microwave Technologies.

The units were used by VGTRK at the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade in May, operating in a higher than usual frequency band of 7GHz and using four-way diversity to provide robust coverage. They also make use of the Nucomm twin pedestal 16MHz bandwidth for superior data rates whilst maintaining optimum receiver sensitivity for maximum signal range, as well as Nucomm’s “combined block down converter” features so that a single set of four receive antennae and BDCs can provide four-way diversity to two DR2 receivers at the same time.

Each system consists of a CamPac2 transmitter and Newscaster DR2 receiver. The CamPac2’s rugged machined housing provides durability and allows operation in the harshest of conditions, including bitter Russian winters.

The CamPac2 also has dual audio inputs that can be arranged for microphone, line level or AES/EBU digital sound, and programmable gain, with digital VU meters on the colour TFT display. The control panel can be removed and replaced through an optional extender that allows remote use of up to 30 metres via an RS-232/RS-485 connection to a PDA or PC.

The Newscaster DR2 can receive lower frequency UHF signals, allowing the unit to work with external block down converters. Its architecture offers communication between the external BDCs and the main receive unit, enabling the system to operate in different modes, such as wideband block down conversion or channel specific down conversion, which is claimed to provide users with "far more flexibility than similar systems on the market."

The Newscaster DR2 has four VHF/UHF inputs that communicate directly to the external BDCs, and uses Maximum Ratio Combining to provide up to four-way diversity. In using the external BDC, the Newscaster DR2’s receiving antennas can be remotely mounted at a distance from the main unit. It is outfitted with an integrated COFDM demodulator, an MPEG2 HD/SD decoder, an internal power supply, an integrated spectrum analyzer and an on-screen display.

VGTRK owns and operates five national TV channels, two international networks, five radio stations and more than 80 regional TV and radio networks.

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