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Viasat Norway to broadcast Olympics in 3D

25 May 2012
Viasat Norway to broadcast Olympics in 3D

Modern Times Group’s (MTG) Viasat Broadcasting in Norway and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) have entered into an agreement regarding the sublicensing of the rights to broadcast live 3D coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. Viasat will broadcast more than 100 hours of live coverage from the Olympics on its Viasat 3D channel, which will be the only Norwegian pay-TV channel showing 3D coverage. NRK will broadcast coverage of the Olympics in high definition (HD) on its NRK1 and NRK2 channels, which are also available on the Viasat satellite platform in Norway. The Viasat 3D channel will broadcast live coverage from the Olympics eight hours a day, as well as four hours of daily highlights. The events to be produced in 3D and broadcast on the channel include the men’s 100 metres, swimming and gymnastics, as well as the full opening and closing ceremonies on 27 July and 12 August, respectively. Olympic Broadcasting Services will produce the 3D content from the Olympics. 3D technology is becoming a standard feature for the majority of new TV sets bought in Norway. According to Norway’s Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation, 175,000 3D television sets were sold in 2010 and 2011 combined, while 250,000 3D sets are expected to be sold in 2012 alone. Viasat and NRK previously cooperated during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, with Viasat broadcasting HD coverage of the Olympics in Norway for the first time. Viasat has previously broadcast live golf, ice hockey and football matches in 3D, including last weekend’s UEFA Champions League Final. Erik Z Børresen, CEO of Viasat Norway commented: “London 2012 is a massive event for all sports enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to be able to show some of the most exciting events live in 3D for Viasat customers. We already offer a wide range of movies and live sport in 3D, and London 2012 is the perfect showcase for the amazing live 3D TV experience.”

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