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VFX specialists The Mill go for OmniTek

7 March 2007

Leading test and measurement manufacturer OmniTek today announced that world-renowned visual effects company, The Mill, has selected the OmniTek XR for one of its grading suites in its main base in Soho. The OmniTek XR is now being used for image analysis and quality control on many of the Mill’s high-profile projects including its work on commercials and series such as Dr Who and Torchwood.

“I now use the XR every 10-15 seconds, everyday, on every thing I do,” confirmed Mick Vincent, senior colourist, The Mill. “In the past we have used traditional waveform monitors, however, the new OmniTek XR is far more suited to our needs. The system is compatible with both SD and HD formats and in addition to all the features that would typically be expected in a waveform monitor, the screen shows more information and has customisable displays. Its elegant flat screen design also matches the user interface in our Baselight grading suite.”

The OmniTek XR is specifically designed for colourists and post production editors working in high definition, dual-link and 2k digital cinema environments. It provides the highest precision video and audio analysis capabilities available on any waveform monitor, allowing detailed examination of the colourimetry and gamut of the specific material being processed.

In addition, the OmniTek XR has a number of unique features not available on any other monitoring system such as realtime colour histogram displays in a variety of different gamuts; support for all 2k and dual-link input formats, user-programmable LUTs to correct for non-linear inputs; high precision dual-link to single-link conversions; and support for “XYZ” colour space inputs for users working in digital cinema.

“We have designed the XR specifically to meet the needs of post production editors,” confirms Roger Fawcett, business director of OmniTek. “As a result, the OmniTek XR system is now the leading choice for high-end post-production facilities around the world.”

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