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Vertice 360 and UTH RUSSIA power with Vector 3 MultiPlay

25 April 2012
Vertice 360 and UTH RUSSIA power with Vector 3 MultiPlay

Madrid-based production company Vertice 360 and UTH Russia have installed MultiPlay multichannel playout automation systems from Vector 3. Vertice 360’s installation of Vector MultiPlay is fully integrated with Harris automation and a Front Porch Digital Diva system, to provide multi-channel like-for-like replication of the main service, in both SD and HD. Located remotely from Vertice 360’s main facility in Madrid, the disaster recovery system uses duplicate playlists and content files stored in a backup archive, which is kept synchronised with the main content store. “The Vector 3 MultiPlay system provides all the playout automation functionality that we need to guarantee seamless continuity if the main facility fails or requires maintenance,” said Agapito Otero, technical manager of Telson, one of the companies within the Vertice 360 group. “The full replication of the master control operation, together with channel branding and archiving, means that this new multichannel DR system can take over instantly with a completely identical service.” Vitelsa provided the turnkey system for the DR and archiving facility, working closely with Vector 3 to meet a demanding schedule and the challenge of integrating the new facility with the main site’s infrastructure, without disrupting the live broadcast schedule.  “MultiPlay is an exceptional platform for multichannel broadcasting either in the main facility or – as at Vertice 360 – for a complete replication of the channels in an important backup facility,” said Glyn Bartlett, head of Sales for Vector 3. “Vertice 360’s new DR system provides the failsafe service that global entertainment brands require for their premium channels.” Additionally, UTH Russia, one of the country’s fastest-growing commercial television broadcasters, has built a new multichannel playout facility based on Vector 3’s MultiPlay system. Replacing a tape-based playout infrastructure, UTH’s MultiPlay system is configured with five dual-channel playout modules to provide eight channels (four main channels with 100% redundancy), with two extra channels used for testing and developing new DVE and CG elements, and for providing additional secondary backup. Local integrator Artos TV and Vector 3 integrated the MultiPlay system into UTH’s workflow, which is based on Harris routing switchers, EditShare shared storage and archive, and BroadView Traffic management software. “Playout of the kind of premium channels we are broadcasting demands a streamlined workflow and sophisticated production values,” said Vladimir Rybkin, the technical director of UTH. “Vector MultiPlay’s modular architecture provides all the master control, graphics and playout automation capabilities we need to deliver a high-quality service, and we can do it with greater flexibility and efficiency than before.” “MultiPlay powers channels carrying some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and we are very pleased that UTH chose Vector 3 to provide the playout automation for this important new facility,” said Glyn Bartlett, Head of Sales for Vector 3. “The exceptional performance and full feature set that MultiPlay offers makes it ideal for broadcast service providers looking a high-quality contemporary approach to playout.”


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