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Vector 3 supplies Moscow-based channels

15 June 2010
Vector 3 supplies Moscow-based channels

Muz-TV and 7-TV, two Moscow-based television channels, have recently implemented Vector MultiPlay from Vector 3 for end-to-end multichannel playout automation and redundancy management.

With more than 80 million viewers, Muz-TV (music channel) and 7-TV (thematic and sports channel) broadcast to over 700 Russian cities as well as the far east. The new tapeless Vector MultiPlay workflow serves as a true multichannel playout management strategy, integrating ingest, master control room, effects creation, channel branding, and playout automation with superior reliability and clever redundancy management.

“By implementing Vector MultiPlay, we have a system which provides complete ingest, edit and content control. And what is more important, the system ensures multichannel playout. So now we are able to better organise our broadcast playout from the moment we ingest content to the time we go to air,” commented Vladimir Rybkin, Technical Director of Muz-TV. “Implementing a Vector 3 system solved all tasks – multichannel playout, graphic broadcasting and integration with МАМ and broadcast scheduling system BV – promptly and efficiently.”

Designed by System Integrator and business partner Artos, the new Vector MultiPlay workflow integrates EditShare Xstream (shared production storage) and EditShare Ark (archiving), synchronising continuity and live transmissions as well as re-broadcast of playlists to the far east.

Special development was done to integrate with the Broadview scheduling software, ensuring seamless exchange of playlist instructions for both channels and two additional channels used for re-broadcasting to the far East. Two MultiPlay servers provide 100% redundancy for the four-channel playout scheme. A departure from traditional mirroring, MultiPlay lets broadcasters reduce the amount of equipment used for redundancy without sacrificing security. “Vector MultiPlay is ideal for a situation like Muz-TV and 7-TV – multiple channels, locations, platforms. It provides the full range of playout capabilities our VectorBox offers with the smart redundancy management capabilities built in to the software,” commented Roman Ceano, general manager, Vector 3.

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