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VDS widens synapses for Quantel

19 December 2007

VDS has announced the immediate release of a Synapse render-only product for Quantel. VDS’ Synapse allows the Quantel operator direct, interactive use of hundreds of professional-grade plug-ins and addresses the need for Quantel’s broadcast editing products to be able to render out pre-created templates using plug-in effects.

Until now these systems – including sQ Edit, sQ Cut and the laptop editor, Marco – required full feature Synapse and plug-in licenses making it impractical to include plug-in effects in the templates. Now, with Synapse Render it is possible to have plug-in effects included in templates at a much lower cost. Initially, the Synapse Renderer is available with Genarts Sapphire V2 plug-ins.

“We’re very pleased to be able to extend the capabilities of our templated graphics workflows” says Trevor Francis, Quantel’s worldwide marketing manager for broadcast systems. “VDS Plug-ins add flair and distinction to news and sports programmes: offering them within Quantel’s Templating package allows that flair to be extended to all users while retaining control of style and branding with the Creative Director.”

“We’re excited that Sapphire Plug-ins 2.0 is now available for Quantel render stations. Thanks to VDS, all the latest effects in Sapphire 2 can now be used effectively within the entire Quantel environment” said Anish Dhanda, managing director at GenArts, Inc.

“Until now many Quantel customers have been limited in their use of plug-in effects in their templates.” comments David-Ray Worthington, director of marketing and product development at VDS. “We are happy to announce that this new render-only release of Synapse and Sapphire lifts that restriction.”

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