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VC-1 converters get Euro launch

5 September 2013
VC-1 converters get Euro launch

Roland Systems Group will be hosting the European launch of its VC-1 Series of video converters at IBC, including the VC-1-HS (HDMI to SDI), VC-1-SH (SDI to HDMI), VC-1-DL (bi-directional SDI/HDMI with audio/video delay and frame sync), and new VC-1-SC (up/down cross/scan converter to SDI/HDMI with frame sync).

The VC-1-SC supports applications including live production where analogue or digital sources are required to match a certain SDI and/or HDMI video format, aspect ratio, framerate, or input type.

The VC-1-HS—which converts, extends and embeds audio from HDMI to SDI—complements the Roland V-1600HD and V-800HD multiformat video mixers when using SDI signals for camera inputs on the mixer.
The VC-1-SH, which converts an SDI signal to HDMI, can be used with Roland’s V-40HD multiformat video mixer when using an SDI camera as an input to the mixer.

The VC-1-DL is developed for live production, broadcast and recording applications. Explained Roland: “In live productions as you add more video components to a signal flow, latency is introduced. The VC-1-DL converter allows bidirectional conversion of SDI/HDMI and provides frame sync and delay adjustment of up to 9 fields (4.5 frames) for audio and video independently.”

The VC-1 Series incorporates Roland’s multiformat conversion technology concentrated in a simplified mini-converter. According to Roland, they “faithfully convert the original source with no change in colour or brightness. … By maintaining the video characteristics there are no interlacing artefacts, pixel shifting or other conversion or signal errors.”

The VC-1 series also features an on-board re-clocker to compensate for attenuation of SDI signals carried over long distances.

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