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V6 release for C100 console

2 April 2013
V6 release for C100 console

Solid State Logic debuts its new V6 Software for the C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console at NAB 2013. Demonstrating ongoing development of the C100 HDS (pictured), the V6 Software release offers new features that introduce significant workflow efficiencies for operators.

“The C100 is a mature, proven product that continues to exceed the expectations of broadcasters around the world,” said Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL. “This new V6 software release introduces some significant features that will further improve the speed and efficiency with which engineers can operate. SSL is always listening to its clients and is involved in a process of continual development. The result is a superb broadcast production platform with an incredibly deep feature set that operators love.”

Highlights of the V6 upgrade include Function Key Macros, a feature which reduces the number of physical actions required to achieve specific tasks by allowing multiple two state console switching functions to be grouped as a Macro and then actioned via soft keys, GPIs and fader functions. Another feature is HyperRoute, which makes the already superior SSL routing system even better. The C100 routing system enables operators to use a versatile source and destination group-based approach with operation from the actual control surface, rather than a separate computer.


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