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Utah adds Mindspeed switching

26 October 2010
Utah adds Mindspeed switching

Utah Scientific has become the first manufacturer to deploy innovative new high-performance switching from Mindspeed Technologies in a video router.

The company’s top-of-the-line UTAH-400 288R video router is shipping with the Mindspeed M21170 crosspoint switch at its core. The Mindspeed M21170 is a single part that replaces the four interconnected 144×144 crosspoint chips that were previously required to create a 288×288 matrix. Use of the M21170 enables Utah Scientific to simplify router design, resulting in a system that uses less power, generates less heat, and operates more reliably.

"At Utah Scientific, we leverage the best advanced technology to give our customers the best products for the job," said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. "Like Utah Scientific, Mindspeed Technologies is a technology leader, a pioneer in the development of highly advanced crosspoint switches. With the Mindspeed crosspoint switch inside it, our UTAH-400 288R becomes even more efficient in its usage of power and rack space. In short, our use of the Mindspeed M21170 enables us to give our customers more bang for their router buck."

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