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US viewers: ‘Bad actors’ could destroy digital platforms

9 June 2017
US viewers: 'Bad actors' could destroy digital platforms

A new survey of US viewers has revealed bad actors are detrimental to their trust in digital platforms.

In a research survey of more than 1,200 people, DCA researchers found nearly two-thirds of US residents said their trust in digital platforms has dropped in the last year. To renew their trust, respondents want digital leaders to conduct more proactive monitoring and action to combat bad actors.

Loss of privacy, blue-chip advertising running next to terrorist recruiting videos, and ‘fake news’ reports have taken a toll on Internet users’ faith in the digital platforms that US residents rely on.

Sixty-four per cent of those surveyed said that the Fake News issue has made them less likely to trust the internet as a source of information.

“Digital platforms deserve credit for the steps they have taken to deal with issues such as ‘Fake News’ and objectionable content, but clearly Americans are looking for more,” said Tom Galvin, executive director, Digital Citizens.

“Americans want a more hands-on approach that includes monitoring these platforms and taking action to keep consumers safe.”

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