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Unified home media hub from RealNetworks

1 April 2014
Unified home media hub from RealNetworks

At NAB RealNetworks will introduce RealHome Media Portal, a multiformat, cross-platform streaming media solution that aims to optimise the delivery of OTT and digital television content across connected devices, including set-top boxes (STBs) smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Utilising RealHome Media Portal, pay-TV operators can deliver OTT video content to any connected device, without impacting existing broadcast systems. By providing operators with a unified environment for delivering traditional broadcast and OTT content, RealHome Media Portal aims to increase operational efficiencies, subscriber satisfaction, and revenue streams.

The Portal provides users with a hub to categorise, search, and access personal media content, operator-provided premium content, and OTT content. Through a user interface that automatically updates streaming on all devices, users can stream content anywhere, on any device, and share media.

RealHome Media Portal protects premium content, leveraging CAS and DRM solutions from Verimatrix. It supports a wide range of video formats and file containers, as well as a self-adaptive ability to identify a device, its capabilities, and supported protocols. Operators can maintain control over the delivery of OTT services through a server that resides on the STB.

“Verimatrix provides transparent yet robust protection of revenue streams wherever video is delivered,” said Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix. “Integrating with RealNetworks, RealHome Media Portal is the perfect extension of our strategy to secure and enhance revenue across multiple networks and multiple screens.”


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