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UK TV ad revenue grows in 2016

23 February 2017
UK TV ad revenue grows in 2016

UK TV advertising revenue rose by 0.2 per cent in 2016 to reach £5.27 billion.

The increase represents the seventh year in a row that TV advertising revenue in the UK has risen, according to new figures from Thinkbox.

The figure represents all the money invested by advertisers in commercial TV across all formats and on every screen: linear spot and sponsorship, broadcaster VoD, and product placement.

Online businesses are now the biggest investors in UK TV advertising, spending a total of £639 million in 2016. According to Nielsen, among the biggest spending online businesses on TV were Amazon (£34.3 million, 39 per cent up from 2015), owner BGL Group (£38.8 million, four per cent less) and Moneysupermarket (£25.9 million, six per cent up).

“Advertisers invest in TV because it works,” said Lindsey Clay, chief executive of Thinkbox.

TV is a trusted environmenthinkboxt for brands. It is a place they want to be seen, where they can rub shoulders with high quality shows that are important parts of people’s lives. Its trustworthiness and quality are two of the reasons why TV is the most effective form of advertising.”

“For online brands in particular, which have little or no physical presence, TV’s ability to create emotional connections with large audiences is vital. It helps make them feel less virtual and more real.”


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