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UK debut of Calrec Callisto

21 February 2014
UK debut of Calrec Callisto

BVE will host the UK debut of Calrec’s brand new Callisto audio console. Callisto is designed for broadcast professionals who need to produce broadcast audio easily, but may not require the full resources of the company’s Apollo and Artemis audio consoles.

Calrec designed Callisto to keep the user interface simple and straightforward with a focus on the totality of the user experience. The console’s power distribution design makes it up to 30 percent more efficient than a comparable Artemis Light.

When designing the new console, Calrec focused on ensuring that Callisto’s highly intuitive GUI would be suitable for a broad range of operator levels. Users control the console via a 17-inch multitouch screen inspired by tablet technology, with a straightforward interface that uses established finger gestures to navigate the system. The high-resolution display provides controls and presentation of information.

Calrec will also showcase its patented Soccer Sidekick iPad app at BVE. The app is an assistive mixing tool designed to simplify the job of tracking the on-field audio during a soccer game. It provides an alternative approach for experienced operators while allowing those with less experience to create a quality mix very simply.

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