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UK debut for Marquis Broadcast’s ‘Project Parking’

25 January 2012
UK debut for Marquis Broadcast’s ‘Project Parking’

First previewed at IBC, Project Parking is now available and offers a fast, cost-effective archive and restore process by creating a complete copy of any Avid project onto any storage device.

The solution will be shown on both the Disk Archive (L18) and Global Distribution (C26) stands.

“Project Parking provides a simple vehicle for archiving all media associated with a project, enabling Avid users to archive complete projects safely, quickly and easily between systems within the same facility or between sites,” said Chris Steele, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “The portable nature of parked projects also makes them ideal for disaster recovery procedures, business continuity and inter-site workflows.

“Project Parking takes an Avid project and collates a complete list of all the media that that project has used, whether in a timeline, or simply in a bin and then searches all the attached workspaces for that media. At the end of this analysis, Project Parking can tell you whether all the media is on line, or if not, where it was last located, eliminating the need to search for media across different workstations. Project Parking then goes on to copy all the project files and all the media that it references to a new location, checking all the files (with MD5 checksums) to ensure they are faithful copies.

“File based workflows have many benefits. However, keeping track of media files is one of the main challenges associated with digitalisation. In this way, Project Parking is particularly relevant for HD and 3D production where the larger file sizes impact on limited edit resources. As a result, we have already seen significant interest from some of the leading post houses in relation to this exciting new solution.”

Stand L18, C26

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