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UEFA Under 21 Championship enhanced with Orad

4 July 2013
UEFA Under 21 Championship enhanced with Orad

Orad’s PlayMaker sports replay server was used in the production of the UEFA Euro under 21 Championships. The 15-game tournament, held over a period of two weeks, was produced by Mizmor productions.

“PlayMaker enabled a great variety of camera angles to be replayed during the game,” commented Daniel Lankry, CEO of Mizmor Productions. “In addition, with PlayMaker’s file sharing between multiple servers, we were able to edit three types of highlights: a 10-minute recap of each half, summary of all goals and best plays, and all other major events such as red cards, substitutions, etc.”

During the production of the Championship the group stage games were covered by 12 cameras, two of them super slow motion, at three times normal speed. Three PlayMakers, which feature eight channel servers and flexible configuration, were required for the task, with each operator having two outputs for back-to-back playout of replays with a mix effect. In the semifinals and finals, an additional PlayMaker was added to cover a total of 14 cameras; three of them super slow motion, with one of the PlayMakers mixing super slow motion and standard cameras simultaneously.

Lankry added: “The actual production started two hours before the match and consisted of editing the highlights of the players’ arrival, warm-ups and the pre-game ceremony. The highlights were then transmitted to the EBU satellite to be used by other broadcasters.”

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