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UEFA considers 3D Champions

1 September 2010
UEFA considers 3D Champions

Although just a year into an HD production of the Champions League UEFA is already considering production of some matches in stereoscopic 3D, writes Adrian Pennington.

UEFA’s marketing agency TEAM Marketing, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Highlight Communications has tasked one its leading suppliers, Input Media, to investigate the production of promotional content in 3D.

“UEFA have asked us to look at how we would produce promos in 3D,” confirms Ian Hayter, Engineering Operational Supervisor, Input Media. “They are looking at it very seriously and we have begun to explore the implications from a production gallery and monitoring point of view.”

Through TEAM marketing Input Media is contracted by UEFA to produce support programming for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League including highlights, magazine shows and promotions. On match nights it produces 10-minute packages of all matches, which are transmitted simultaneously to UEFA’s broadcast partner’s worldwide, 10-minutes after the final whistle.

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