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TVBAwards: Nominate for Infrastructure and Management

9 August 2016
TVBAwards: Nominate for Infrastructure and Management

The deadline is fast approaching to submit nominations for the TVBAwards 2016.

Nominations for the TVBAwards, which will take place on 20 October at the Grand Connaught Rooms, will close on 22 August.

An often overlooked area of expertise, the infrastructure category highlights the impressive work being done in systems integration, archive digitisation, and media asset management.

Achievement in asset management /systems integration

The winner of this award will be an SI or an asset management supplier whose newly integrated infrastructure/system has been shown to have positively impacted the operations of a broadcaster/content provider over the last year. Nominations will be judged on notable improvements in efficiency, collaboration and accessibility, and ROI.

Achievement in archive digitisation

This award recognises achievement in the preservation and archiving of legacy content through its digitisation from analogue to file-based media. Nominations will be judged on the significant technical and preservation challenges overcome during the project, the amount of hours/volume of material digitised, and the scale of the overall operation.

Best of Show @IBC2016 Standout Award

This award will recognise the standout product from this year’s Best of Show awards programme at IBC2016. The judging panel will pore over the list of winners to decide which of the awarded nominations deserves special recognition for its innovation, quality, or game-changing market impact.

Nominate here.

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