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Two-thirds of European consumers prefer to download or stream

13 June 2017
Two-thirds of European consumers prefer to download or stream

Two-thirds of European consumers prefer to watch TV and films via download or streaming according to new figures.

Limelight Networks’ State of Digital Downloads report has found that two-thirds of European consumers (62 per cent) prefer to download or stream TV shows and movies. The highest streaming rate is observed in France at 49 per cent, compared to 42 and 40 per cent in the UK and Germany, respectively.

The report also found that just 13 per cent of European consumers are still renting or purchasing DVDs of films and TV series. Around 15 per cent of German and UK respondents opt to consume entertainment through traditional mediums, compared to just nine per cent of those in France.

The report also found that nearly one-third (30 per cent) of all worldwide respondents highlight slow download times as their primary frustration with downloading content. Consumers in the UK also cite slow downloads as their number one frustration; however, the bigger concern for German consumers (32 per cent) is when it doesn’t work. By contrast, French respondents are more frustrated by content that has to be started all over again (29 per cent).

“Digital content is now the preferred format for media consumption by a growing mobile-first audience,” said Michael Milligan, senior director, Limelight Networks. “There’s no question that content needs to be easily accessible and optimised across all connected devices and global networks if it’s to reach the widest possible audience and provide the best experience. This is no longer a feature for providers, but a necessity for survival.”

The State of Digital Downloads report is based on a survey of 3,500 consumers ranging in age, gender, and education in France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, the UK, and US.

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