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Two decades for Aveco

30 August 2012
Two decades for Aveco

Celebrating 20 years of delivering to the broadcast industry, Aveco will be showcasing its facility wide media asset management solutions, master control automation, news and live event automation, and comprehensive studio automation.

Applications run under a realtime Operating System (RTOS) that provides a robust, virus-free platform with an architecture optimised for realtime and multi-site operations.

Aveco solutions are on-air at over 275 locations worldwide, with solutions from single channel playout systems to very large fully redundant multi-site systems. The company is going to be demonstrating its new Astra Studio 2 product; with Studio 2, a single operator can produce complex live newscasts and news programmes. Studio 2 is hardware independent, working with existing equipment. New journalist tools and NRCS MOS integration enables journalists to quickly take advantage of these new capabilities without needing to know the underlying technology.

The Astra Suite of Tools provides complete solutions for content management, ingest, archive, master control, as well as news and studio automation, while the new SAS Tools provide cost-effective applications for media asset management, ingest, archive, and playout that run alongside with any vendor’s automation system.

Additionally, the company will be looking at its Disaster Recovery Solutions, which are a wide range of cost-effective products for staying on-air in case of a disaster, and Regional Ad Insertion, seamless solutions to provide local ads for individual regions.

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