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TVUPack Mini SE launches with Sony

9 September 2012
TVUPack Mini SE launches with Sony

TVU Networks has introduced TVUPack Mini SE, an ultra-portable 3G and 4G network uplink system designed specifically to integrate with Sony XDCAM shoulder camcorders.

Created in eight weeks from the start of the collaboration with Sony to the finish, TVUPack Mini SE enables broadcasters to deliver live HD video on the go from practically any location. For those that use Sony cameras to capture and broadcast live content on air or direct to the web, the uplink solution has the ability to transmit video over up to four 3G and 4G wireless data cards, Wi-Fi, WiMax or Ethernet connections.

Paul Shen, CEO at TVU Networks, told The IBC Daily: “From the user perspective, this is just a part of the camera, and it can be used anywhere, from a war zone to a wedding.” – Heather McLean

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