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TVUPack delivers live cellular uplink for Olympic broadcasters

7 August 2012
TVUPack delivers live cellular uplink for Olympic broadcasters

A number of leading broadcasters and news agencies have deployed TVU Networks TVUPack cellular uplink solutions to deliver live footage of the stories surrounding the London 2012 Olympics. More than 20 major media outlets from around the globe have used TVUPack to broadcast over 450 hours of live footage from London. These include YTN, SBS and Yeonhap (Korea), Beijing TV, Shenzhen TV, (China), Star TV (India), SBS (Australia) and TVBS (Taiwan), many of which are using TVU’s Global Rental Program. In addition, TVU has supplied 3G and 4G data cards with dedicated QoS. “TVUPack enables top broadcasters to bring live broadcast-quality HD video from anywhere back to their studio hassle free and cost-effectively,” said Paul Shen, CEO TVU Networks. “TVU has developed a large portfolio of communication, video compression, error correction and network field technologies. Combined with TVUPack’s sophisticated automation and innovative industrial design, this in turn enables our customers to deliver a resilient, broadcast HD quality picture, even in challenging network conditions that result from the strain of added traffic on the network.”


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