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TVU and Vislink launch breakthrough ENG solution

9 September 2014
TVU and Vislink launch breakthrough ENG solution

TVU Networks and Vislink have announced the launch of a next-generation TVUPack with Vislink’s integrated hybrid microwave IP technology. The solution is claimed to be the world’s first portable IP newsgathering solution capable of simultaneously aggregating microwave bandwidth with multiple cellular data connections.

The TVUPack is the first fully-integrated product to emerge from the partnership between TVU Networks and Vislink announced in April, and will be on display at IBC2014.

Utilising TVU’s Inverse StatMux IP transmission protocols, the TVUPack is able to combine multiple cellular data connections with Vislink’s hybrid microwave IP technology to allow broadcasters to transmit HD video simultaneously over cellular and microwave connections with sub-second latency.

The system supports up to six 3G/4G/LTE connections as well as 2 or 7GHz microwave, and users can add or remove microwave or cellular connections without interrupting the transmission. The solution is the first to offer Vislink microwave transmission functionality in a backpack, sending video signals up to four times farther than COFDM/DVB-T, it is claimed.

“Vislink has long been an innovator in video transmission systems, and we are pleased to partner with TVU to provide an innovative new best-of-breed solution,” said Mike Payne, CEO of Vislink. “This integrated joint solution enables customers to overcome the inherent limitations of cellular and microwave infrastructure, when they are used alone. The new generation TVUPack combines both infrastructures into a single small backpack and will significantly increase the transmission success rate in extremely challenging conditions. We look forward to working with TVU to provide additional transmission solutions in the future.”

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