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TVU introduces new routing and switching solution

3 April 2013
TVU introduces new routing and switching solution

TVU Networks has launched TVU Grid, a video distribution, routing and switching solution that enables broadcasters to switch live IP video content, and share live video streams between multiple remote locations. “We are witnessing a rapidly growing shift from digital to IP, and TVU Grid is the next step in the move to an IP-only broadcast TV station. TVU Grid knocks down the walls of broadcast stations, enabling them to efficiently switch and route video content from any location and distribute their own content to anywhere with just the click of a button,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.  “We have worked closely with our large customers to develop a simple video distribution solution that fits seamlessly into their existing ecosystem. Whether you’re a station group or a network with O&O affiliates, TVU Grid represents the next evolution of technology for TV stations.” TVU Grid consists of the TVU Grid Transceiver, TVU Grid Switch Panel, TVU Grid Server, and TVU Grid Management Server. The TVUPack, TVUPack Mini and TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast solutions are also an integral part of the TVU Grid ecosystem. With TVU Grid Transceiver, broadcasters can distribute live video captured by any SDI input source. TVU Grid utilises the new TVU Transceiver, a purpose-built server capable of receiving and transmitting Grid streams as well as receiving and decoding TVUPack transmissions. TVU Grid will be on display at NAB 2013 in TVU booth SU7105 and is immediately available for purchase.

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