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TVE equips news studio with Autoscript

16 March 2012

TVE, the Spanish broadcaster, has equipped the A4 studio at its Torrespaña news production facilities in Madrid with Autoscript prompting solutions, as part of a substantial upgrade to HD. The broadcaster is currently going through a major technical overhaul at its main centre of news production in order to switch production to HD. Its existing prompting equipment, which used CRT monitors, is being replaced with Autoscript LED 17-inch On Camera prompter units, W19-inch Talent Monitors and Autoscript’s WinPlus software system. TVE chose the Autoscript solutions for its main Madrid studio following a recent purchase of similar equipment for several of its CEI regional facilities. Having seen the quality and reliability of the systems in action, TVE was confident in purchasing more Autoscript equipment despite having cheaper competitive systems available. “We are proud of the high quality of our studio equipment – it is robust and reliable, with screens that use the latest LED technology that are ideal under bright studio lights, and intuitive, user-friendly software that can be interfaced to all the leading electronic newsroom systems,” said Brian Larter, managing director, Autoscript. “Despite the temptation to save money, particularly in the tough Spanish economic climate, we are confident that TVE will see far better long-term value for money having chosen our proven industry-leading products.”

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