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TVC builds HD OB van for GDS TV

7 December 2015
TVC OB truck

GDS has delivered a 24-camera high definition OB van to GDS TV in Georgia. The Lithuanian OB van specialist TVC was tasked with project design, coach building, construction and integration of a new OB van with expandable side panelling.

The new OB van is built on the semi-trailer with a three-axle chassis. The truck has five separate workspaces: sound room with separate rack room, video control room and slow motion area, engineering area and VTR.

The construction includes dual expandable side: the first panel extends over the entire length of the vehicle and enables the expansion of the space by around 1.3m. The GDS TV OB truck is designed for a total of 24 Ikegami HDK-79GX cameras.

The trailer has an automatic level control and hydraulically controlled expandable panel. It also includes TVC designed (and custom built) motorised cable drums, redundant air-conditioning systems of 32 kW designed for extreme Caucasus climate, two double power feeds and UPS for 15-minute operation.

The main vehicle is accompanied by the auxiliary van that in the cargo area carries cameras, lenses, tripods TV cranes, and in the generator truck area, a Fisher Panda 70kVA generator.

The OB van is powered by Ross video Production Center Switcher Acuity 3 ME and second program switcher Carbonite 1ME, Imagine Communications Platinum 256 router, Grass Valley Slow Motion and multi viewers. A Lawo mc²56 MK II audio system allows multiple surround mixes with capability of producing a variety of signals.

“One of the main challenges was to meet high and ambitious expectations of GDS TV with a great vision for the future on schedule and budget,” said project and region manager Edmundas Stumbrys.

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