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TVC brands with Orad

17 August 2012
TVC brands with Orad

Televisió de Catalunya, the Catalan regional broadcaster based in Barcelona, has introduced a new channel branding system based on 3DPlay from Orad. The new graphics are already on air on Channel 33, with the Esport3 sports channel to follow in September and the main TV3 channel by the end of the year. 3DPlay is a graphic template controller. Users create actions in the running order that trigger graphic templates for all the usual branding tools including coming up next, promo over credits, squeeze back video, multiple tickers and more. TV3 implemented it as part of the core broadcast workflow. Once the rundown is loaded into the automation system, 3DPlay checks the availability of graphic events and executes the commands received, populating the templates with data drawn from the automation. “Orad’s solution, combined with the development of customised applications for planning and management of graphic elements, has allowed us to significant improve the image of our channels, both formally with new branding for Channel 33 and Esport3, and in generating new formats for cross promotion between the various TVC channels,” said Ferran Molinas, head of image for the marketing department of Televisió de Catalunya. His colleague Paco Sánchez, head of the audiovisual communications systems department, added “The Orad system has allowed us to automate the production of branding elements of our channels, providing flexibility in the process of creating, programming and broadcasting. This automation has led to increased production in the generation of branded content, freeing up hours of post production facilities.”


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