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TV5MONDE installs Volicon Observer TS in HD move

21 August 2013
TV5MONDE installs Volicon Observer TS in HD move

Global TV network TV5MONDE has installed an Observer TS (transport stream) monitoring and logging system to address the demands of compliance logging as the company migrates to an HD technical infrastructure. The Observer system enables logging of 11 existing services and automates a variety of monitoring tasks.

"The Volicon Observer TS system not only addresses the full range of services related to logging, but also gives us a complete solution that doesn’t require any adaptation on our part," said Mallory Delaporte-Bernues, system engineer at TV5MONDE. "The Observer is an all-in-one solution that simplifies operations while helping us to enhance the value of our staff. On-duty monitoring personnel enjoy convenient remote access, with a clear and near-instantaneous view of any monitored channel. Both technical and non-technical staff can work confidently with logs, thanks to the ease with which they can access content and data. I really count on those capabilities to improve the quality of our deliveries."

Based on Volicon’s Observer system, the Observer TS enables continuous logging of MPEG transport streams, monitoring of program QoE, and the export and streaming of MPEG TS or low-resolution proxies across the enterprise or WAN., The system allows the broadcaster to automate extraction of content for tagged events. It allows users to extract content manually or through tags and remote controls, allowing the broadcaster to add sponsorship and catch-up deliveries to its legal and quality control-focussed monitoring and compliance work.

"TV5MONDE is big on subtitles, and with the ability to log our full multi-programme transport stream, we can closely monitor the outgoing service," added Delaporte-Bernues. "The combination of the Observer’s logging capability with our automation system’s on-air logs makes service checks easy, and content can be extracted and shared via email. With such capabilities, the possibilities for leveraging the Observer system are wide open."

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