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TV4 Group expands implementation of Pilat Media IBMS

13 February 2013
TV4 Group expands implementation of Pilat Media IBMS

Swedish television network, TV4 Group, is significantly expanding the implementation of its Pilat Media Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS). A longtime user of IBMS Sales for full lifecycle management of its advertising campaigns, TV4 is now leveraging the system’s enhanced functionality to consolidate its operations across local and national channels after last year’s expansion into Norway and Denmark. "Since 2007, IBMS Sales has become an essential component in our ability to manage our traffic and ad sales operations efficiently and profitably," said Daniel Lindén, head of technical operations, TV4. "With a single platform for both national and local airtime sales, we can implement consistent processes among all of our internal departments. The seamless integration of IBMS with our content management, financial, and other systems guarantees a comprehensive end-to-end sales process." At TV4, IBMS provides a central point of reference for all key booking, inventory, traffic, and post-reconciliation information for every advertising campaign. With the expansion, TV4 will bring all local and regional airtime sales bookings for more than 30 regional channels under the auspices of IBMS, which previously was used only for national sales. By providing a unified system for both national and local bookings, IBMS will enable TV4 to optimise revenues through easy reallocation of airtime between national and local campaigns. In addition, a common system will result in lower cost of ownership with fewer systems requiring maintenance. Beyond this initial expansion phase, the system opens the door to new opportunities such as significant expansion of nonlinear services. "Under the management of IBMS Sales, TV4 has grown from a single-channel operator to one of the Nordic region’s leading media companies," said Aviv Atlas, senior vice president account management, Pilat Media. "With the new expansion of IBMS to cover all airtime sales, the network is moving to the next level for delivery of complex campaigns segmented by platform, audience, and demand. TV4 is a stellar example of how IBMS can help today’s complex media operations optimise their sales profitability, streamline resource requirements, and provide the management information necessary to inform strategic decisions."

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