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TV2 regions MultiPlay with Vector 3

31 May 2012
TV2 regions MultiPlay with Vector 3

Eight regional stations of Denmark’s TV2 network have installed Vector MultiPlay multi-channel systems to provide master control room automation for newly launched 24-hour regional channels. A key requirement for the playout automation platform was for tight integration with the network’s central MediaGenix scheduling system. While each station has its own independent MultiPlay installation, all the systems are connected with the central MediaGenix over a fibre network. All playlist and asset information is exchanged and coordinated through the MediaGenix system, and because each station’s playout facility is completely independent, shared content can be time-shifted by each Vector MultiPlay to fit with a region’s schedule variations. The MultiPlay system at each regional station is able to use information supplied by the MediaGenix to automatically create dynamic updating of on-screen branding and programme graphics, using pre-existing templates. In a further refinement of its distributed operating method, each MultiPlay system will automate the transfer of required assets from the contributing region when shared programming is scheduled. TV2’s MultiPlay platform is configured with dual-channel playout modules at each of the eight regions, providing main output with full redundancy. Vector Autovia provides control of redundancy operations and Vector MediaManager handles the automation of content ingest, file operations and clip movement to the servers. Vector 3 provided custom integration with TV2’s What’sOn scheduling system, with on-site integration by AVIT Systems.


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