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TV2 Norway boosts playout with Pixel Power

13 June 2011
TV2 Norway boosts playout with Pixel Power

TV2 in Norway is adding to its playout flexibility with five new Pixel Power BrandMaster master control switchers and graphics engines. The BrandMasters, along with their associated control system, give operators a seamless way to make manual interventions into otherwise fully automated playout streams.The broadcaster currently transmits 13 channels, a mix of HD and SD, and these are normally automated using Snell Morpheus. However, as Ole Johan Skogheim of TV2 explained, “there are an increasing number of situations involving simultaneous live events, so we needed to find a more flexible architecture where we could move to an ‘any channel controlled from any seat’ environment, to maximise both playout flexibility and the use of staff.”BrandMaster is described as a unique combination of master control and branding technology. It allows the operator to take control of a channel manually, using both a touch screen and a hard panel. TV2 also ordered the optional motorised audio mixing panel for a complete solution, allowing operators to take full control of a channel to move into and out of live events seamlessly, handing back to the automation when the planned schedule is resumed.“TV2 is a very ambitious company and we often challenge suppliers,” Skogheim added. “Pixel Power has proved to be a good partner, making further developments possible. We are very happy working with them, and like the way they think.”

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