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TV2 East expands with Studer console

24 October 2012
TV2 East expands with Studer console

Regional broadcaster TV2 East of Denmark recently purchased a 32-fader HARMAN Studer Vista 5 M2 digital mixing console for its studio in Vordingborg. The console was supplied by Studer’s Danish distributor Danmon.  TV2 East is primarily using the Studer Vista 5 M2 console for news (TV2 East broadcasts four news shows each day) and sports programming, along with regional talk shows and documentaries. “We had a Yamaha PM1D console but it was time to replace the board,” said Kasper Thor Larsen, head of Technology at TV2 East. “So we have been researching and found Studer to be the best fit. “We wanted a true broadcast-quality audio board and we get that from Studer for sure. This Vista 5 console has the best audio quality I’ve heard from a broadcast console, and its redundancy was another major factor in our decision. It’s very flexible and it can be easily configured to our needs.” For some applications, the console will be controlled from TV2 East’s Ross Overdrive automation system. The console will also work as an audio router and format converter in TV2 East’s infrastructure, giving them a simple and economic solution. The Vista 5 M2’s TFT metering system is capable of displaying signal levels from mono through to 5.1 channels on each input, with a configurable lower area which can be used to display bus assignments, sound images or the ‘History’ mode, where a scrolling audio waveform displays signal anomalies and highlights them for up to 50 seconds to enable the engineer to identify where the event occurred. Photo (Left to Right) Peter Holmberg Pedersen; Tonni Manum; Kasper Thor

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