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TV time drops as ‘generation gap’ widens

12 July 2016
TV time drops as ‘generation gap’ widens

TV viewers in the UK now watch almost half an hour less per day than they did in 2010, according to the latest Ofcom report.

‘Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2016’ found that people watch 26 minutes less per day than six years ago.

It also noted that there is a ‘widening generational gap’ among viewers, stating that people under 25 are watching one quarter less TV than in 2010, while the average viewing time of those aged 55-64 has declined by five per cent.

Those aged 16-24 have “embraced on-demand services” moreso than others, with live TV accounting for just 36 per cent of daily viewing – a 14 per cent decrease in two years.

“TV viewing on TV sets has fallen substantially in the last five years, with a widening gap between the viewing habits of the youngest and oldest audiences,” the report stated.

“Among all those who have a TV set in the home, lower proportions of people under 35 watch TV in a typical week, compared to older age groups.”

Around six in ten adults now use on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, Netflix or Amazon, with reach rising to around seven in ten among 15-24s and 25-34 year olds.

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