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TV Fights Back

12 September 2013
TV Fights Back

Any panel that brings together expert speakers from Samsung, Liberty/UPC, Microsoft and the UK’s YouView, and promises to put into perspective the oftheard mantra ‘broadcasting is dead’ is bound to be popular with delegates.

Chaired by Decipher Media’s MD Nigel Walley (pictured), an acknowledged digital media specialist, he says that broadcasting is far from dead and is in “rude health” in most markets. ‘TV Fights Back: The battle for the viewer experience’ argues that there are two broad waves of innovation around TV interfaces. One of these puts broadcast channels at the core, and the other treats broadcast as an equal member of a set of services and apps that allow consumers access to the content.

The broadcast-centric group tend to be set-top box-based, with innovations like the backwards EPG, start over, and ‘jump to catch up’ from overlay menus within the channel, allowing the broadcaster to dictate the way consumers find and engage with their non-broadcast content.

The second, app-centric, group tend to be device or OS based, with the EPG being an app in the Smart Hub. The industry has yet to resolve how social media, search and recommendations will integrate with these two contrasting visions. This session will begin to answer those questions and investigate which of these philosophies best meets consumer needs and expectations.

With an appeal to marketing, business, technical staff and user experience specialists at broadcasters, pay-TV operators, and OTT aggregators, following this session delegates will understand what different players are doing to offer a relevant and compelling user experience to the global viewership.

Friday 13 September, 17.00, Room E102

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