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TV 2 Denmark implements Front Porch Digital

3 June 2013
TV 2 Denmark implements Front Porch Digital

Danish public television station TV 2 has integrated Front Porch Digital’s DIVApublish mpx into its video delivery workflow. DIVApublish mpx manages online publication of the broadcaster’s short-form editorial video content, and TV 2 plans to manage delivery of premium content stored in its DIVArchive CSM system in the second phase of installation. TV 2 is Front Porch Digital’s first DIVApublish mpx customer in Europe.

“We have been using our own online video platform that we developed for that purpose years ago, but we couldn’t move the platform forward fast enough to implement the new features and functionality our viewers have come to expect from a company like ours,” said Tenna Gaarde Falkenby, technical lead of TV 2’s online technical team. “We have a long relationship with Front Porch Digital and knew the company had the expertise to help us keep up with – and even get ahead of – market demands.”

TV 2 plans to link DIVApublish mpx to its extensive DIVArchive CSM system, where its premium content is stored, so that DIVApublish mpx can handle the delivery for TV 2’s subscription service, as well. TV 2 chose DIVApublish mpx over other online video platforms in part because of its ability to evolve and eventually integrate directly with the archive.

“TV 2 is a pioneer in online video delivery in Europe, and its decision to implement DIVApublish mpx will help it continue its tradition of innovation in the market,” said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager at Front Porch Digital.

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