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Tumblr enters live video streaming market

23 June 2016
Tumblr enters live video streaming market

Tumblr has joined fellow social networks Facebook and Twitter in launching live video support.

Rather than follow the Periscope and Facebook Live mould, the social networking site has turned to third-party providers to bring video content to its users, partnering with YouNow, Kanvas and Upclose to deliver the live feeds.

Tumblr stated that it decided against creating its own platform to offer its users a ‘wider range of options’ than its social networking counterparts.

Live videos will appear like any other Tumblr post, available for reshare to a users own page. Users will receive a push notification if anyone they are following posts a live video, or reblogs a live video, with live videos pinned to the top of follower dashboards during streams.

After the stream has ended, the user can then choose to save it on their Tumblr page.

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