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TSL to take S4C HD

21 January 2010

TSL has announced a consultancy agreement with S4C to take the Welsh language channel to HD in conjunction with its phased digital switchover.

TSL is currently in the design and consultancy phase of the project, which includes detailed site visits, requirements capture and working practices review. Once complete, a proposed design and associated costing will be presented with installation and implementation scheduled to commence shortly thereafter. The core of the project is to add interim HD playout capabilities to S4C’s existing facilities in step with S4C’s digital switchover, scheduled for completion in March 2010.

Following the successful switch to all-digital operations, TSL will work further with S4C to procure and install a complete HD playout facility.

TSL Business Development Manager, Bruce MacGregor, said: “Under the consultancy phase of the agreement our aim is to harmoniously capture S4C’s workflows and practices, which serve as the criteria for the ultimate design of their new facilities. This approach enables us to cost the overall project in an intelligent, intuitive, and highly collaborative way that achieves the best value for the customer.”

S4C is a new customer for TSL and the contract was won under stringent EU Competitive Tender rules and, as such, required a rigorous assessment procedure involving all shortlisted proposals for the project.

MacGregor added: “We are delighted to add S4C to our roster of prestigious clients, and to have won this project as a result of a highly competitive EU tendering process.”

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