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TSL to showcase new audio mixer

31 August 2011
TSL to showcase new audio mixer

Designed in response to operational requests, the new AVM-T-Mix Touchmix from TSL is a 2U, dual-level, 10-channel digitally assignable mixer.

The specification allows up to 64 audio inputs to be chosen simultaneously from SDI, AES and analogue sources. Much of the control uses a large 22:9 touchscreen display, which also provides dual bargraphs for the 10-channel inputs and master output.

Channels can be defined as mono, stereo or ganged together to provide LRC and 5.1 inputs, which are automatically down-mixed inside the unit. A single rotary control provides channel or master level, and pan or stereo balance.

High quality stereo speakers are a feature of TSL’s range of rack-mounted audio monitoring range, and the Touchmix includes the latest ported design.

Because it contains two complete mixers in the same device, the Touchmix can be used for dual operations. One mixer could be sub-mixing communications feeds for an earpiece, or providing a sub-mix for a voiceover session, while the other is providing the master audio monitoring function.

“We developed the Touchmix for a major broadcast project in the UK, which specified the operational capabilities when at the time there was nothing on the market which could do it,” said Martin Dyster, business development manager, audio at TSL. “We took that specification and developed it a little further, creating a product which we think will really excite the market when they delve into what it can do. The project which came up with the idea has ordered more than 80 Touchmixes and we are really looking forward to talking about its capabilities at IBC – you need to see it to understand the positive impact it can make to the broadcast production workflow.”

Also at IBC, TSL will show a further extension to its PAM audio monitoring product range with the PAM1-3G16. This strips audio from dual stream 3Gb/s SDI inputs, displaying up to 16 audio channels on high resolution bargraphs in a very compact 1U cabinet.

As well as providing accurate level metering it has loudness monitoring to ITU BS1770/71 built in. Alongside Dolby D and E decoding the unit is also capable of displaying Dolby metadata on one of the twin OLED screens. Alternatively, one of the screens can be set as a confidence video monitor.

The unit also includes high quality stereo speakers through tuned ports.

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