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TSL separates its Products, Systems

26 July 2012
TSL separates its Products, Systems

TVBEurope exclusively reveals that TSL Systems and TSL Professional Products have officially parted company – on the back of record-breaking turnover for both entities in the year to June 2012. David MacGregor who co-founded TSL 26 years ago, steps back from day-to-day operations and Bruce MacGregor and David Gunn are appointed directors of Television Systems, reporting directly to Managing Director David Phillips. Meanwhile Martin Dyster and Terry Boon have been appointed as directors of TSL Professional Products, reporting directly to Managing Director Chris Exelby (pictured). TSL PPL is now an independent legal entity, with separate P&L, offices, staff, ISO9001 certification and operational procedures. Both entities believe the move will reinforce the fact that TSL Systems is independent of any particular manufacturer. “This brings clarity to our customers” said Chris Exelby. Now, David McGregor will no longer be hands-on and instead can “step back and enjoy the fruits of his labours” commented David Phillips. Now, sales of Professional Products relating directly to orders from Systems accounts for “less than 5% of our business,” said Exelby, so “we’re standing on our own two feet”. He cites its TallyMan as being “number one worldwide”; the fact that Dega Broadcast and the BBC were instrumental in the development of the Touch Mix; and that CCTV in China are the world’s largest users of PAM-2; as being key reasons behind the company’s success in the last five years — during which time business has increased fourfold. TSL Systems is busy with “more projects in parallel” than ever before, said Phillips. The complexity of technology means “things are moving rapidly,” so much so that nowadays “customers aren’t necessarily able to keep up to date themselves” and rely heavily on their systems partners. Lead times and sales cycles are longer, with more stakeholders involved in the purchasing process — and the design stage of each project has increased hugely as broadcasters insist on “an awful lot of detail” to finalise business objectives for systems installations. TSL has recently opened two overseas offices, in Dubai and Singapore, as business has expanded. Exelby is confident on business prospects, seeing potential in North America and emerging territories. He acknowledges firm caution on European sales projections but said, “There’s plenty of growth to go before we can use the excuse that the market is depressed.”


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