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TSL Professional Products unveils new studio audio monitor, SAM

22 January 2013
TSL Professional Products unveils new studio audio monitor, SAM

TSL Professional Products Ltd (PPL), a manufacturer of hardware and software audio monitoring, tally and power management solutions for the broadcast industry, is introducing the first member of its Studio Audio Monitor (SAM) family, the SAM1-3GM audio monitoring unit. Designed to help streamline workflows in TV production throughout network operations, master control, outside broadcast and studio/post production settings, the SAM1-3GM brings concise monitoring capabilities to facility-wide multichannel audio operations.

“The SAM1-3GM is an excellent choice for compact audio monitoring needs, as it is capable of seamless operation in settings ranging from multi-language and surround sound/stereo production to live sports and event broadcasting,” said Chris Exelby (pictured), managing director, TSL PPL. “It is also capable of impressive functionality for EVS monitoring, Master Control, Ingest operations and throughout broadcast production environments. Previously, the array of features offered by this unit had been found only on cost-exorbitant devices. ”

The SAM1-3GM’s 1U format is revolutionary for its usability, providing instant visual feedback from 16 channel sources of embedded SDI. Additionally, two auxiliary analogue or AES input channels can be mixed into the monitoring chain, allowing users to listen to their external sources such as intercom, ideal when working with headphones.

The cost-effective SAM1-3GM allows the user to allocate individual channel formats as stereo, mono and 5.1, with the immediate ability to downmix surround sound sources for precise stereo compatibility monitoring. Channels can also be mixed with a single button to achieve individual level trims and channel balance/pan control. The resulting “mix” output is then available for use as a line-level analogue or AES feed.

The SAM1-3GM offers monitoring bar graphs and scales for all international standards. Similarly, the unit’s 10 stereo bar graph pairs can be individually labelled with up to a 10-character mnemonic. When installed as a monitor destination and attached to an SDI router, the unit allows the user to see an immediate overview of all 16 embedded audio channels, with quick and simplistic configuration for monitoring individual programs within the stream, regardless of whether they are mono, stereo or 5.1 discrete audio.

Other features of the audio monitoring unit include Scroll to Hear channel selection, master output volume with cut/dim, menu level use for IP setups, the efficient management of onboard preset memories and USB save/recall and software updates. 

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