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TSL launches MADI-capable monitor

27 August 2013
TSL launches MADI-capable monitor

TSL Products will unveil a new MADI-capable studio audio monitor. The SAM1 3GM+MADI is designed for both fixed and mobile broadcast facilities and can monitor up to 20 channels of audio from MADI.

TSL Products’ head of audio, Martin Dyster (pictured), revealed that the monitor’s design was based on a period of intense market consultation.

“The main concern was how working in a mixed multichannel environment that includes HD-SDI, MADI, AES and analogue audio makes quality assurance tricky,” he said. “The SAM1 3GM+MADI is perfect for sound engineers checking on the integrity of their MADI signals or broadcast studio engineers who use MADI to transport multiple channels of audio around a facility.”

The SAM1 3GM+MADI allows a user to create a tailor-made monitoring panel that gives them access to the channels that they need via a rotary control.

Channels can be defined as being mono, stereo or 5.1 down-mixed group via a single button press with a simple colour scheme for instant user recognition of the channel configuration.

Multiple signals can also be mixed together and individual mix levels adjusted, if required, to create a personal monitoring environment. Ethernet capabilities, a USB connector and an SD card slot are all included.

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