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TRT gets 180 seat Octopus newsroom system

10 September 2012
TRT gets 180 seat Octopus newsroom system

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) is changing its newsroom computer system in Ankara to Octopus6, with Octopus Newsroom hard at work with its Turkish partner, Avkom, to complete the project by the end of November.

The TRT news requirement is the largest undertaken to date by Octopus Newsroom in Turkey, following three others within the last two years. It involves 180 users running on Windows platforms to support the national broadcaster’s multiple TV channels and newsrooms.

A major goal is to simplify the TRT’s news workflow and, as part of this, system integration makes wide use of the MOS protocol for communication between the Octopus6 NRCS and media servers, including iSoft playout, Vizrt graphics and Autocue teleprompters. Octopus Newsroom is also advising TRT on the efficient continued use of existing technologies with the new NRCS.

Petr Stokuc, Octopus Newsroom CEO, said: “We have been working with our partners, Avkom, to grow our business in Turkey. We have already been successful, but this is our fourth and biggest project yet in the country. Customer service and attention to detail were important factors in getting this business and a lot of that was due to Avkom’s work.”


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